Warehousing – Key Mistakes To Avoid

There is hardly any room for error when one is involved in a warehousing operation. Things can soon escalate if the stock was misplaced in the warehouse or, orders are delayed and if the staff is not performing to their optimum level. It is best to understand the most common mistakes and avoid them in a warehousing business.

A poorly arranged warehousing facility can cost you time and money because it takes longer to get around and one cannot store much due to ineffective use of available space. The focus should be on arranging the warehouse to provide the maximum safe storage space while maintaining easy access. Use of high rise shelving, packing the pallets correctly and a narrow isle layout can allow better use of the warehousing facility.

Not rewarding your staff can be detrimental because it can affect productivity. Again, not using a Warehouse management system can make warehousing operations highly ineffective. Profiling the orders would help in arranging the warehouse effectively.