Warehousing – Important Safety Tips

Warehousing is a key part of any business because it forms the heart of your distribution centre. Maintaining a safe workplace is important because warehouses are extremely busy and filled with heavy equipment, large boxes, forklifts etc. Keeping aisles and passageways clear and in good condition is important for safe warehousing. This can prevent workers from slipping, tripping or falling. The loads must be placed evenly and properly positioned.

Proper forklift operational safety training is important for safe warehousing. Application of good engineering design techniques can minimize the need for lifting. Also it is important to observe proper ergonomic posture when carrying or moving loads.

A hazard communication program must be implemented when warehousing deals with hazardous chemicals. An adequate ventilation system must be installed to disperse harmful gases. At no time warehousing must disregard safety procedures to cut costs, since it exposes workers to serious risks of injury and accidents. Use of lock out tag out procedures during conveyor maintenance and repairs is important. For more information on warehousing safety, contact us at NSW Freightliners today.