Business establishments across Australia receive truckloads of raw materials from their suppliers each day. Similarly, these commercial and industrial facilities use local and interstate transport services to ship finished goods and cargo from their distribution centres all over the country. Managing these supply and distribution networks efficiently can be crucial to the fortunes of a business. But, not all business owners have an extensive fleet of trucks and other vehicles to meet their freight transport requirements. This is where specialists like NSW Freightlines offer invaluable services to commercial entities throughout the country.

At NSW Freightlines, we have years of experience in transporting a diverse range of freight across Australia. From single skids to dozens of pallets, we can deliver your cargo to its destination safely and on schedule. We offer both interstate and local transport services. Our extensive fleet of regularly-serviced vehicles will deliver your freight in a safe and timely manner.

Sometimes, freight can be awkward to handle or ship. Such freight will hardly fit into standard boxes. Nor will any standardised container transport solutions work for such cargo. To transport these goods across the length and breadth of the country will require a specialised approach. In this scenario, NSW Freightlines offers innovative and cost-effective solutions that will meet your needs precisely. Not only will we give you a customised solution for moving your awkwardly sized, fragile and valuable cargo to any location in Australia. We will use specialised NSW country transport to load and unload it safely too.

We have more than 40 years of experience in delivering specialised freight to all corners of the country. Unlike regular freight, specialised freight will have non-standard sizes. In addition, this freight could be large, bulky, heavy, valuable or fragile as well. Thus, processing this cargo through standard sorting systems will not be possible. For these reasons, we use special packing and handling procedures to deliver such freight. Moreover, our network of storage and distribution centres will ensure that your goods remain safe throughout the transportation process.

Many commercial and industrial enterprises across Australia utilise our specialty services for shipping their ‘awkward’ cargo because:

  • We have the experience and warehousing solutions necessary for handling such freight
  • We place no limits or restrictions on the weight or size of the cargo
  • We can guide you on the best packaging and packing techniques to follow to keep your goods safe
  • We can pack your cargo for you – in case you prefer to leave this to us
  • We have a vast intermodal network of South West Sydney transport services that enable us to use the best mode of transport while moving and handling your goods with the utmost care
  • We can deliver any type and volume of freight ranging from one skid to several pallets
  • We can provide timely delivery services that suit your requirements perfectly and,
  • We can offer customised logistical and transporting solutions (including container cross docking services) at cost-effective prices

When you want the best transport and storage solutions for your freight, simply consult us. When it comes to NSW transport and delivery services, NSW Freightlines has an enviable reputation. An Australian owned and operated business, we have not only wowed our clients with our consistency and quality. We have bagged several reputed awards as well.