Here at NSW Freightlines, we care about your business and we understand that not every business is able to keep up with the ever increasing demand between suppliers and distributors and all the delivery deadlines that come with that relationship. For this exact reason, we have a large number of trucks specifically dedicated to NSW roads and helping your local business thrive.


  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Very competitive pricing
  • GPS Satellite Navigation System (fitted to all trucks)
  • Experienced drivers with strong work ethic
  • Your delivery/pickup is on time, every time
  • Dedicated Vehicles
  • Hourly hire services
  • Time slot Deliveries into major DC’s
  • All vehicles regularly serviced by our on-site mechanic
  • Specialised Transport

We understand that organizing pickups and deliveries for your business can be time consuming and stressful, and not being able to keep up with the demand can hinder a business’ growth and negatively effect business relationships. DON’T STRESS! WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW

We offer a vast range of local transport services from standard palletised deliveries to specialised transport and ALL TRUCKS are fitted with GSP tracking so we can let you know exactly where your pickup or delivery is and if it is ready or close by.

We offer this service to our customers because it is extremely professional and lets the client know when their job is ready or close by so they can begin to organise the next step in their operations. basically, it makes for a smooth logistics experience.