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Not many commercial establishments do their homework when they want to ship their products to other cities and states in Australia. If at all, they will merely consider the shipping prices applicable when comparing different freight transport companies. However, this approach could be counterproductive. In some cases, you might find that these companies do not deliver your consignments in a safe and timely manner. In addition, you might come across a myriad of hidden costs that make you spend more than you had initially bargained for. For these reasons, it can be best to select a freight transport company by ensuring that it can handle your specific business needs with aplomb.


For the uninitiated, freight transport companies transport the goods and products of various companies. They remain responsible for moving these consignments from one location to another. Depending on their services, they will be able to offer transportation services over land, by air or by ships. Many commercial establishments prefer using ground transport for moving their goods from one location to another. This mode of transport will usually be more cost-effective. In fact, larger volumes of cargo can be more cost-effective when transported over land. Reputed freight transport companies will know that not many business owners will have much knowledge about the various modes of transport and their value. Hence, they will provide their clients with sound and objective advice about the transport modes that best suit their client’s needs. Besides these services, good freight transportation companies will also offer warehousing, shipping and logistical planning solutions. For these reasons, these organisations remain a vital and integral part of the business and commercial sector.


At NSW Freightlines, we offer a diverse selection of logistical solutions to our clients. We offer freight and cargo transportation services all over Australia. Founded in 1970, we remain a family owned and operated business. Located in Sydney’s south western region, we offer tailored transport and warehousing services. Unlike other freight transport companies, we offer pickup and delivery services for all kinds of freight throughout the country.


fleet comprises over 30 fully owned and operated prime movers. Moreover, we have a diverse selection of regularly maintained and serviced trailers as well. From flat-top trailers to 12 tonne tautliners, we have them all. We use these vehicles to offer efficient and cost-effective transportation services to our clients. Not surprisingly, we can help you move your goods from one location to another with minimal fuss. In addition, our storage and distribution facilities remain second to none. We offer a wide range of storage solutions designed to suit all kinds of freight. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the quality and reliability of our services has endeared us to all kinds of industrial and commercial establishments across Australia. So, the next time you want to transport consignments to different cities across the country, think of us. With us, you can expect to receive high-quality services at immensely affordable prices. Click here to obtain your free quote now.