Loading Areas

Regardless of the type of freight transport truck that you will be using, having a loading area for the warehouse you are planning to lease is important. Whether you are using small vans or large trucks for your business, you’ll want to have a loading area which is large enough for the vehicles to maneuver about. You may also want to consider having the ability to drive trucks inside the warehouse, which is something that can be helpful during inclement weather and loading or unloading is not possible outside the warehouse. In such a case, you should consider the ability for grade level loading.

There are many old warehouses or storage and distribution facilities available which are still in good working condition, though they may not have the necessary loading facilities that you need or require. In any case, be sure to ask the facility owner if they have loading areas which are suitable to your specific needs. If they don’t, ask if they are willing to have them installed, and more importantly, who will shoulder the installation costs.