Interstate Transport – Packing Items Effectively

When someone is packing up their household items to prepare for interstate transport, they tend to forget packing their garage or outdoor items. However, the outdoor items can account for 20% of the storage space used during interstate transport. When moving home, it’s a great opportunity to sort out and de-clutter items that are no longer needed.

Things like outdoor furniture settings may take up a lot of space during interstate transport which is why it may be financially beneficial to sell and then repurchase another setting in your new house. Essential items required to pack outdoor items for interstate transport includes Sturdy cardboard boxes, packing tape, packing paper, zip lock bags, permanent marker pens and furniture blankets.

There are few items which are not allowed when using interstate transport due to safety reasons like gas bottles, petrol or, fuel cans, Other flammable liquids, explosives and bulk chemicals.