How Do Freight Forwarding and Transporting Companies Score When It Comes to Following Sustainable Shipping Practices?

At first glance, many people might feel that efficient freight transport services cannot be compatible with sustainability. After all, any kind of transport will necessitate the use of fossil fuels. These fuels will burn and pollute the air. Freight companies will inevitably transport a wide selection of products. They will also want to deliver these consignments in a safe and timely manner. To accomplish the first objective, they will want the consignor to package the goods properly. This will inevitably involve the use of cardboard, paper, wooden crates, bubble wrap etc.


Once the goods reach their destination, the packaging material will be the first casualty. In many cases, such packaging material ends up in landfills. Only some conscientious organisations strive to recycle these and thus, help in conserving precious resources. Besides this, the noise of trains, trucks and other vehicles used for transporting freight will create some noise too. Consider integrating all these aspects and viewing them holistically. You might find that freight transportation plays a vital role in ensuring that you receive products and goods that you use easily. At the same time, freight transportation does not always focus on conserving the environment or following sustainable business practices.


The increase in demand for various products has forced commercial establishments to develop efficient supply chains. These supply chains do not only ensure that consumers have easy access to products that they need. They also help in enhancing the market reach of the manufacturing company. These days, though, the emphasis on following sustainable business practices has become quite popular. Increasing awareness levels among consumers have forced commercial enterprises to adopt sustainable business practices. Naturally, this has led to freight companies implementing sustainable shipping practices as well.


Nowadays, freight transport companies have begun to realise the importance of sustainable shipping. Thus, their warehousing and transporting activities serve to minimise waste as much as possible. Among other things, these shipping organisations have begun to:


  • Strive towards providing greener shipping by minimising the packaging wastage that emerges from the constant movement of the demand and supply chain


  • Recycling or reusing packaging waste materials to reduce the strain on the environment


  • Keeping emission rates of all vehicles used by these organisations well within the prescribed limits


  • Encourage their consignors to adopt greener shipping practices by offering rebates and discounts


  • Promote themselves as providers of sustainable shipping services, which enhances their credentials and acceptability among businesses operating in the industrial and commercial sectors


So, the next time you want to ship your products, look for freight transport companies that care for the environment. It goes without saying that a freight company that looks after the environment, will take proper care of your goods as well.

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