Freight Transport Services: Taxi Trucks

Taxi trucks are the perfect solution to handle small to big sized jobs. Residential moves can be handled well with taxi trucks. There are even freight transport companies who can handle moves that are more commercial in nature. When a business needs to relocate, this usually involves moving heavy equipment and supplies. For both residential and commercial moves, taxi trucks offer a cost-effective way of moving. After all, why hire a truck for a whole day when you only the job done in a couple of hours.

Taxi Truck Services: What to Expect
When you hire a freight transport company for their taxi truck services, here are some things that you can expect.
For one, most taxi truck services charge their customers an hourly rate for the service, which is measured from the start until the completion of the job. The taxi truck driver will meet the customer on the location specified by the customer like a residential property or a warehousing, storage and distribution facility. Once in the location, the customer can now start loading their items onto the taxi truck.
Customers can load a variety of items onto the trucks—from small boxes containing pots and pans to large furniture and appliances. However, there are certain items which cannot be loaded onto a taxi truck, especially those considered harmful like hazardous chemicals, highly flammable materials and the likes. For such items, the services of a freight transport company with specialized trucks and containers are necessary.
Freight transport and taxi truck companies also have specific guidelines when it comes to what their drivers can and cannot do. For one, taxi truck drivers can advise customers regarding the order or arrangement of the items to be loaded. This is actually necessary because smartly loaded taxi trucks have a lot of benefits. For instance, it can help to maximise the space inside the trucks, which can then reduce the number of return trips from the old location to the new location. This will make the move more efficient and can even help the customer save money.
In addition, properly loaded trucks will help to ensure that the items therein are properly protected from banging or crashing against each other while on the road. Freight transport and taxi truck drivers can also provide customers with blankets which can help to protect the items loaded in the truck. Some companies offer this as an added service free of charge, while there are others that charge an extra fee for this.
However, taxi trucks drivers cannot help customers in carrying and loading the items onto the truck. This is especially true if there are fragile items involved in the loading and unloading process. This is because freight transport and taxi truck drivers are only allowed to carry items along with other members of their team who are qualified to do so, as is the case of removalists companies. Taxi truck drivers though can assist in carrying small and light boxes like those that contain toys and other nonessential items.
Because the customers and their hired help are mainly responsible for the loading and unloading process, any damage that they may make on the truck will be their responsibility. These damages may include and not be limited to damages to the panels and lights and others. The freight transport and taxi truck company may charge the customers a fee in order to compensate for the damage.
In as much, taxi truck drivers and freight transport companies are not responsible for any damage to the items of the customers. There are several reasons why this is so. For one, taxi truck drivers and companies are not aware of the condition of the items being loaded onto their trucks. It would be unfair to charge taxi truck drivers and companies for damages that may have already been existing in the items prior to loading. Second, customers are responsible for loading the truck, and though taxi truck drivers may advise on the proper placement of items inside the truck, they are not involved hands-on in the loading or unloading process.
Another thing to keep in mind is that freight transport and taxi truck drivers cannot help in the preparation and packing of the items to be moved. They cannot help in the dismantling of furniture prior to moving, nor can they help in putting the items back together after they are unloaded in the destination. When you hire a taxi truck, it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that the items to be transported are already packed and ready to be loaded before the taxi truck arrives for the pick-up. Remember that taxi trucks charge by the hour, and clock will continue to tick even if they’re standing idle and waiting for customers to finish packing. To ensure that you are not charged unnecessarily, do make it a point to prepare all items before the taxi truck arrives.
There are certainly several things that needs to be considered when it comes to hiring freight transport and taxi truck companies for your move. In order to ensure that you are well-aware of these, be sure to read up on the FAQ section which can be found in the company’s website. Better yet, get in touch with the company so they can personally answer any question that you may have about their taxi truck services.
Pre-delivery Preparations
Before you commit to a particular freight transport company or taxi truck service, be sure to ask about their pre-delivery preparations. This includes not only the preparation of the items for transport, but also different factors that may be involved.
For instance, be sure to ask your service provider to provide you with the details of the truck to be used for the transport of your freight. Ask if it is fitted with a tail lifter in case you need to move heavy and bulky items. Ask also for the exact time of the pick-up and the estimated time of arrival of your items to its destination. Lastly, the service provider should keep you well-informed about the details of the transport from the beginning until it reaches its final destination.
If your service provider isn’t capable of providing you with these details, it may be a better idea to look for a different freight transport company to handle your transport.
Service Options
Taxi truck services often come with various options depending on the freight transport company or service provider offering the said service. Some may offer archive moves, office to storage moves, bulk pallet freight and more. In any case, you should be free to choose which option to go for and suits your preferences.
Proof of DeliveryHaving a proof of delivery is very important. Never choose a freight transport company or taxi truck service provider that can’t provide you with one.Documents pertaining to proof of delivery may come in different types. Some service providers will provide you with forms which you can sign after the items have been delivered to their destination. Other companies email their proof of delivery to their customers as well, and the customers will be the one to print them out and keep or file them. There are also option where customers are provided with separate invoices to make filing easier, though this approach may be more appropriate for larger businesses with specific taxi truck needs.