Container Cross Docking-Tips To Maximise Cross Docking

Container cross docking is an effective way to improve warehousing efficiency across any supply chain. A lot of companies don’t work on the container cross docking strategies and end up with a lot of bottlenecks that impacts their overall storage efficiency. There are few tips which can help in maximising the benefits of container cross docking.

By minimising the usage of dock space one can maximise the benefits of container cross docking because the inbound and outbound trailers have enough space to work. Use of conveyor belts and gravity flow racks can help in transporting the products quickly than they would go by hand, thereby improving the efficiency and speed of container cross docking.

The inventory must be properly bar-coded so that packages can be recognized easily without the need for additional tagging. Wire shelving and work benches near the outbound dock would ensure that everything can be organized and packed properly before being sent out.