Container and Freight Transport – Save on Time and Cost

A lot of people are always under the impression that container transport and freight transport costs are pretty much fixed. However, there are several different ways to reduce freight costs with simple changes. With a steady lane volume one can maximise the capacity and focus on reliable freight volumes.

Use of container transport on off peak days can yield measurable savings. By making use of a consolidation program nearby to handle smaller shipments, one can expect potential cost savings of 25% in case of freight transport. Shippers should always focus on developing more strategic and long term carrier relationships which can double the saving estimates when capacity tightens.

An advance shipping notice can ensure considerable savings in terms of cost and time by allowing carriers to have a better plan for all aspects of the supply chain. Carriers can also reduce cost with container and freight transport by reducing dunnage without increasing damage. Night pickups and loading quickly are other useful ways to save on time and cost when dealing with container transport and freight transport.

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